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HOSPI CASE hospital bed suitcase

The Challenge

Come up with a solution which ensures that nursing staff no longer have to lug around clothing and other personal objects of day patients.

Our solution

A suitcase that is secured to the hospital bed the entire time.

People who have to go to the hospital for a minor procedure that doesn't require an overnight stay have to leave their clothing, mobile phone, glasses or handbag somewhere. In most hospitals, a day patient's personal belongings are put in a bag and stored in a locker. This means patients do not have immediate access to their items after surgery. We put an end to this problem. Personal items are put in a suitcase secured to the hospital bed and accompany the patient everywhere.
That's convenient!

This innovative healthcare solution is the result of close collaboration between healthcare professionals and our designers. Throughout this process, the focus has always been on user experience and design for manufacturing.

What we did:

. Observation / User experience
. Concept Design
. Design for manufacturing
. Prototyping
. Engineering


Hospi Case

Hospital bed suitcase


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