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A simple solution requires a well though idea.

Who are we

Cides product design gives shape to innovative ideas in order to design or restyle your products. We guide you through every stage of the product development process. From idea over design to the final production.


You can opt for our integral approach, or for one of our services.

What do we do

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Strategic design

We determine the strategic targets of the new product’s design based on your brand and business values.

Of course, we take into account the target audience. We look into the other market players through clarifying competitive analysis.


Concept design

We examine the options to restyle or completely reinvent your product. We carry out a concept study defining the appearance and the usability of the (new) product.

The concept is then presented by means of graphic or 3D models.



We work out the technical aspects of the product, down to the smallest details, and give advice about the choice of materials.

This is followed by strength calculation and production optimisation.

We support the start-up of the production process.

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