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Odyssey pet carrier

The Challenge

Design an attractive range of transport cages that meet the IATA standard.

Our solution

A sturdy, compact cage for transporting dogs and cats comfortably. It has an open top, which is practical for getting the animal in and out of the cage. The Odyssey pet carrier is available in 3 sizes and meets the strict IATA standard for safe air travel with animals.
The pet accessory is compactly stackable in sets, so it can be efficiently and environmentally friendly transported by the manufacturer to the distribution centers.

For 25 years, we've been working hand in hand with Moderna Products to develop their range of pet products. This has made us seasoned experts in pet product design. We blend our skills in styling, usability design, design for assembly, and plastics engineering to create innovative products that bring joy to both pets and their owners.

What we did:

. Market Research
. Concept Design
. Styling
. Low Carbon Footprint
. Design for Assembly
. Plastics Engineering


Moderna Products



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