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Smart Cat, litter box

The Challenge

Design the next generation of the 'Comfy Cat' litter box. This new version should have fewer parts, be easier to assemble, and also be more compactly stackable to reduce logistical impact.

Our solution

Despite the "Comfy Cat" litter box already being a refined product in terms of complexity and the number of parts, we have further improved it. As a result, the number of components in the product has been reduced from 4 to just 3, and we have reduced the logistical footprint by 30%.

For 25 years, we've been working hand in hand with Moderna Products to develop their range of pet products. This has made us seasoned experts in pet product design. We blend our skills in styling, usability design, design for assembly, and plastics engineering to create innovative products that bring joy to both pets and their owners.

What we did:

. Concept Design
. Styling
. Low Carbon Footprint Design
. Design for Assembly
. Plastics Engineering



Smart Cat


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