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Prolicht-snooker-configuration A.png

Modelling your space

The challenge

Design a modular and kinetic system to create light sculptures according to the designer's wishes.

Our solution

An ingenious docking system at the end of the wire ensures a quick change of the SNOOKER spheres with an easy lock system. Thanks to a unique bolt mechanism, the magnetic installation of the GRAVITY LIFT allows maximum freedom and flexibility to design and create innovative and customised lighting sculptures. The cleverly engineered lift also makes it possible to configure a certain pattern using 4 suspended lights each time, in such a way that the ceiling becomes a graphic artwork. SNOOKER is a perfect solution for lobbies, restaurants where  tables are often rearranged, etc. A really creative solution for hospitality settings, where every designer can leave their mark on a project.

Client: Prolicht

Product: Snooker

Launch: March 2018

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